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Nanodropper- Eye Drop Extender Adaptor

Nanodropper- Eye Drop Extender Adaptor

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Eye Drop Extender Adaptor to reduce waste. 

This Nanodropper adaptor is the only FDA-listed and approved extender of it's kind. Focusing on volume-reducing via the adaptor for administering eye drops, the reduction of wasted medication impacted each bottle of ophthalmic solutions commonly used by ophthalmologists and optometrists.  Reducing the amount of eye drops used by 50% or more, the smaller drop eliminates waste and saves your eye care practice dollars which ad up!

The Nanodropper fits the majority of multi-dose eye drops bottles that have a screw-tight cap and this allows your bottle to last about 3 times as long. Smaller drops have been shown to reduce waste, cost, and side effects. Frequently used on proparacaine, tropicamide, altafluor, fluorescein benoxinate, tetracaine, cyclopentolate, gonak and many more ophthalmic solutions. 


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