• What does Stag Medical do?

Everyone talks about savings, but we guarantee savings.  Stag Medical Supply is a well-established but momentous leaders in ophthalmic supply distribution. Focusing on providing eye care professionals, optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, surgery centers and opticians with a full spectrum of eye care medications, pharmaceuticals and supplies. But, where is the value? In addition to the unmatched customer service, ophthalmic expertise and attention to detail, the savings speak for themselves.  

  • How does Stag Medical work?

The sad reality is if you reached out to a big ophthalmic pharmaceutical company or an eye care supply third party distributor, you would pay a huge mark-up fee on your exam and surgical orders. Through our strong advocacy efforts, we have obtained exclusive agreements with various suppliers like Bausch, Akorn, Alcon, Altaire, Oceanside, Sandoz, Pfizer, Paragon, Italia, Somerset, Symmetry, BD, Exel, and many, many more. Once you set up a free account, you receive our exceptionally low pricing. We set you up with an online account where applicable to place your orders directly with Stag Medical, or you can submit your order through one of our reps or website. Our warehouse will ship and bill you directly for quick and easy delivery on all orders. On average, we save our offices roughly 30% on all orders.

  • Where is Stag Medical Located? 

Stag Medical Supply is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We have called Raleigh home since relocating from Charlotte, NC in 2018.  While we love our North Carolina optometrists and ophthalmologists, we serve customers all over the country.

  • How might I get in touch with Stag Medical?

There are Stag Medical Supply to get in touch with Stag Medical.  You can email us directly or call us.   We are here to serve you so feel free to text us or even message us on social media!

  • Is the Stag Medical site secure? 

Yes, Stag Medical Supply is very secure.  We will never share your information or even accept payment information on our website to make sure that our eye care professionals are protected!  

  • Do you offer Custom Pricing deals? 

Absolutely.  Stag Medical Supply offers custom pricing.  We understand that not all eye care offices are created equal, but we want to make sure you have the best price possible.  Send us a list of products you us in your optometry office and we will do our best to beat all the prices that we can.  Loyalty matters very much to us!

  • Does Stag Medical offer alternatives for out-of-stock eye supplies? 

We will never keep you in the dark.  Often, ophthalmic solutions are out of stock or on back order.  We let you know this.  An example of this is Fluorescein, Gonak, Phenylephrine and Lidocaine.  We will keep your order, but not charge you and as products arrive, we will ship them out.  If an alternative ophthalmic supply is available, we will present the options to you and let you make the decision that works best for your eye care practice.

  • How long with my optometric products be dispatched?

Typically, our eye care supplies ship out the same day and will arrive to your optometry office in a couple of days.

  • What products does Stag Medical carry?

We carry a variety of products for your eye care office.  Such as: Angiography Ophthalmic Solutions and Injections, Ophthalmic Dyes and Eye Testing Supplies, Post-Mydiatric Solutions and Eye Drops, Surgical Solutions and Topical Optical Anesthetics, Tear Irrigation Solutions, Therapeutics for Optical Treatments, Eye Ointments and Optical Gels, Eye Care and Optometric Accessories, Contact Lens Cases and Contact Lens Supplies, Eye Glasses Cases, Optometry Occluders, Optometric Recording Pads, Vision Testing Supplies, Tinted Eye Wear, Eye Glasses Nose Pads and Post Operation Kits, PPE Products, Surgical Caps, Surgical and Medical Face Masks, Surgical Gloves and Examination Gloves, Medical Faceshields, Surgical and Examination Paper Products, Surgical Eye Instruments, Ophthalmic Solutions and Injections, Punctal Plugs, Sutures and Cauteries, Winged Infusion Blood Collection Sets, Eye Surgery Scalpels and Blades, Ophthalmic Needles, Ophthalmic Syringes, Handheld Surgical Instruments, Diamond Bladed Ophthalmic Knives, Fixation Rings, Forceps and Speculums, Burrs and Spears, Scissors and Tweezers, Ophthalmic and Optometry Office Supplies, Sterilization Medical Solutions and Cavicide Wipes, Disposable Disinfectant Products, Optometry Office Supplies, Hand Soaps and Sanitizers, Surgical Covers and Drapes, Medical Supplies Inventory, Pouches and Autoclave Accessories, Vision Diagnostic Equipment, Ophthalmology Autorefractors, Lens Meters, Ophthalmoscopes, Retinal Cameras, Optometry Chin Paper, Eye Care Recording Paper…….just to name a few.

  • What ordering options does Stag Medical offer?

We are here to make your life easier.  You can order online through your account on our website, you can call us, you can text us, you can email us.  We also offer our express ordering option to quickly purchase the commonly used eye care products by our ophthalmologists and optometrists.  In just a few clicks, you order is submitted.

  • Who are the competitors of Stag Medical?

We have competitors, but we are different too.  Our competitors include McKesson, Henry-Schein, HilcoVision, Amcon, Insource, My Medical Supply, Focus, Ophthalmics, Eye Care and Cure and a few others. But, have you ever considered that when you buy from a large corporation online, you are just an online statistic and an order which has to be fulfilled? You are just a number. When we decide to work with an office – no matter how big or how small – it means the world to us. We are fully invested in our relationship and the success of your medical practice. The truth is small businesses do what we can to be competitive. With us you are likely to receive personal and outstanding customer service. Also, buying from a small business is great for the economy and the American business community.

  • How do I set up an account with Stag Medical?

Setting up an account to order optometric supplies with Stag Medical is easy.  You can email us or set up an account directly on our website.  There is no requirement and it is free to do.  This just makes everyone’s life much easier!

  • What are your most popular eye care supplies?

At Stag Medical we love providing eye care professionals, optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, surgery centers and opticians with a full spectrum of eye care medications, pharmaceuticals and supplies, but our best selling supplies include: 

    • Altafluor Fluorescein Sodium Benoxinate Ophthalmic Solution 5mL
    • Atropine 1% 5mL Ophthalmic Solution
    • BioGlo 1mg Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strips 300/Box
    • Contact Lens Cases Flip-Top 100/Bag
    • Cyclogyl Ophthalmic Solution (with Phenlyephrine) 2% 15mL
    • Cyclopentolate Ophthalmic Solution 1% 15mL
    • Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment 0.5% 3.5gm/Tube
    • Fluorescein Dye AK-Fluor Ophthalmic Injection - 10% 12/Pack
    • Fluorescin Fluress Sodium Benoxinate 5mL Solution
    • Gonak Hypromellrose Ophthalmic Solution
    • Indocyanine Green ICG Angiography Ophthalmic Case
    • Kenalog-40 Ophthalmic Injection
    • Lidocaine Ophthalmic Solution Topical 4% 50mL
    • Ofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution 0.3% 5mL
    • Paremyd Ophthalmic Solution (Hydroxyamphetamine / Tropicamide)
    • Phenylephrine Ophthalmic Solution 2.5% 10mL
    • Phenylephrine Ophthalmic Solution 10% 5mL
    • Pilocarpine Ophthalmic Solution 2% 15mL
    • Proparacaine Ophthalmic Solution 0.5% 15mL
    • Rollens Post-Mydiatric Tinted
    • Tetracaine Ophthalmic Solution 0.5% 15
    • Triamcinolone Acetate Kenalog Generic Ophthalmic Injection
    • Tropicamide Ophthalmic Solution 1%
    • Xylocaine 1% 20mL Ophthalmic injection
  • Does Stag Medical accept exchanges or returns for supplies?

Yes. We are happy to help and will do all we can to keep you happy.  We accept all eye care products returned or exchanged on a case-by-case basis.

  • Where are Stag Medical’s eye care supplies transported from? 

Our eye care supplies ship directly from warehouse to your optometry office.  Our shipments are dispatched from Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • Where does Stag Medical ship to?

We ship to optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye care professionals and opticians all across the continental United States. .  Stag Medical Supply does not ship internationally.

  • How might I pay Stag Medical for my order? 

To say it again, we know you’re busy at your eyecare practice so will ship your Optometric products before payment. We will send you an order confirmation within the hour, and you will be invoiced after your products arrive. Invoices are due within 30 days and you can keep a card on file if you like.  Payments are due to My Medical Supply. 

  • For what reason did I receive only part of my order? 

We have access to millions of products. If you need it, we can get it; and at a lower price. However, some times products are on allocation.  We will let you know this, but will send all in stock eye care supplies because we believe that some are better than none! Please let us know what you need and we will be happy to add it to your tailored quick order list!

  • Are there any requirements to purchase from Stag Medical?

Yes.  We required a Rx License Number to ship any ophthalmic solutions or pharmaceuticals.  However, anyone can order our non-rx medical supplies!

  • Who does Stag Medical work with?

We work with a variety of eye care professionals such as: Family Practice Optometrists, Primary Eye Care Providers, Contact Lens Optometrists, Opticians, Geriatric Optometrists, Pediatric Optometrists, Low Vision Rehabilitation Experts, Vision Care Therapists, Eye Surgery Centers, Strabismus & Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Glaucoma Specialists, Neuro-Ophthalmologists, Retina Surgeons & Vitreoretinal Specialists, Laser Eye Surgery Centers, Dry Eye Specialists and Cornea & Refractive Professionals