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Stag Medical

Small Job Medical Plastic Tray - SELECT COLOR

Small Job Medical Plastic Tray - SELECT COLOR

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Medical Tray- Small Job Hard Coated Plastic 

Tray offers convenience and protection against medical mishaps.  These trays come preassembled in a compact kit with all the contents needed for routine care of minor examination supplies, patient records, pharmaceuticals and ophthalmic rx products. This tray organizes and ensures that the products and supplies for the selected patient reach the patient with efficiency. The Minor Laceration Tray is designed to help the physician save time, making it ideal for doctor's offices, clinics and emergency rooms.

Lightweight, disposable or reusable, small job trays provide care before, during and after eye surgeries, optometric examinations and ophthalmic operations. 

About Stag:

Stag Medical is a well-established but momentous leaders in ophthalmic supply distribution, serving opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye surgeons and many other vision care professionals, Stag provides all eye professionals with a full spectrum eye care supplies to treat a variety of eye disorders.


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