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Stag Medical

Needles, Hypodermic, Non-Safety. 100/Box - Conventional Economy

Needles, Hypodermic, Non-Safety. 100/Box - Conventional Economy

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Needles, Hypodermic, Conventional Economy. 100/Box 

Needles, Hypodermic, Non-Safety Economy. 100/Box 

Our economy level and most cost-effection conventional needles are Dynarex Brand. These hypo needles are 30 Gauge x 0.5" and provide a sterile and safe way to deliver effective and successful injections of a variety of fluids or medications. All needles have a regardless of the gauge of the needle, attach directly to the port of the syringe by either a luer lock or luer slip connection method. The summary of the needles feature a strong bevel, promoting inhanced flow, non-toxic materials, latex and rubber free and provide a smooth administration of a variety of fluids. Needles are sterile. 
Available in these convenient sizes: 
18 Gauge x 1"
18 Gauge x 1.5"
19 Gauge x 1"
19 Gauge x 1.5"
20 Gauge x 0.75"
20 Gauge x 1"
20 Gauge x 1.5"
21 Gauge x 1"
21 Gauge x 1.5"
22 Gauge x 0.75"
22 Gauge x 1"
22 Gauge x 1.5"
23 Gauge x 0.75"
23 Gauge x 1"
23 Gauge x 1.5"
25 Gauge x 0.625"
25 Gauge x 1.5"
26 Gauge x 0.5"
27 Gauge x 0.5"
27 Gauge x 1.5"

About Stag:

Stag Medical is a well-established but momentous leaders in ophthalmic supply distribution, serving opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye surgeons and many other vision care professionals, Stag provides all eye professionals with a full spectrum eye care supplies to treat a variety of eye disorders.



Needles, Hypodermic Economy Level 100/Box, provide strength and durability with ease in administering ophthalmic injections and handling ocular fluids. Shop eye care needles and syringes at Stag Medical Supply.



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