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Genteal DryEye Ointment - 0.34oz Topical Gel

Genteal DryEye Ointment - 0.34oz Topical Gel

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Genteal Eye Gel Ointment by Alcon

GenTeal is designed for fast, soothing relief from dry, irritated or itchy eyes. These gel drops contain Polyquad, and preservatives that shield eyes and provide lasting relief Alcon Eye Gel is safe for use at night; simply apply a few drops directly on the eye before bed to help relieve dry eye discomfort and irritation. 

Providing Eye Doctors with Ophthalmic Gels

Simply put, Same Products, Same Brands, Different Prices. Our expansive selection includes products from renowned eye care manufacturers such as Bausch & Lomb, Akorn, Alcon, Sandoz, Somerset, and others. Unlike corporate vendors like McKesson, Henry Schein, Eye Care and Cure, or Hilco, Stag Medical prioritizes your practice's requirements and ensures the most competitive prices.  

Empowering Your Dry Eye Practice since 2004

Stag Medical has been unwavering in assisting you in maintaining your patients' sight. Our dedication to affordability and quality is evident through our extensive inventory of eye care supplies, ranging from Lidocaine and Genteal, to Erythromycin and Akten Gel.

Shop Optometric Ointments at Stag Medical 

Take a step towards enhancing your patients' sight by exploring our selection of top ophthalmic solutions available at Stag Medical. Elevate your practice's capabilities and deliver superior patient care while simultaneously enjoying substantial cost savings.

Our Mission for Eye Care Providers

Our job is simple, and at Stag Medical we love providing eye care professionals, optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, surgery centers and opticians with a full spectrum of eye care supplies, solutions and ointments. 

Questions?  We are here to help. Contact us 

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