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BSS - Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) - 500mL/Bag - Alcon

BSS - Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) - 500mL/Bag - Alcon

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Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) - 500mL/Bag (Flexible) - Alcon

Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) - 500mL/Bag - Alcon 

BSS Sterile Irrigating Solution is a sterile balanced salt solution. 500mL flexible bags contain sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.64%, potassium chloride (KCl) 0.075%, calcium chloride dihydrate (CaCl2•2H2O. 

Balanced salt solution is sterile and primarily used by Ophthalmologist and Eye Care Professionals to aid in the irrigation of intraocular tissues in surgical procedures lasting for an hour or less. 

The usage of bss ophthalmic solution should not exceed once daily; the combined use of two or more prostaglandins, or prostaglandin analogs including bss ophthalmic solution is not recommended. This product is used to help reduce complications and pain from certain vision related or various medical conditions.  In-stock at Stag Medical - Ophthalmic & Eye Medical Supplies for less. Shop all of our products online! 


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