Gonak Hypromellose, Triesence, Trypan Blue - Eye Care Frustration

If you’re an eye doctor, technician or work in the medical industry, you’re probably aware of the national lidocaine shortage and how frustrating this is.  The FDA  states that the current number of ophthalmic medications on the drug shortage list are plentiful. Eye care offices continue to struggle as many ophthalmic solutions such as Gonak, Dexamethasone, Phospholine Iodide, Erythromycin, Gonak, Fluorescein, Hydroxypropl, Kenalog and many more ophthalmic solutions and injections are no where to be found.

In some cases there’s simply not a good substitute for many of these eye care products. The eye care and ophthalmic pharmaceutical market is not impervious to worldwide supply chain issues, and ophthalmologists are experiencing drug shortages like most other physicians this year. We will help as we have updates and hope this ends soon! 


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