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Ophthalmic Procedure and Surgical Kits at Stag Medical Supply. Shop through our network of thousands of products like ophthalmic solutions, optometric accessories and medical supplies.


From Ophthalmic procedure kits to lens cleaning supplies, ophthalmic solutions such as Proparacaine, Tropicamide, Tetracaine, Vitreoretinal Injections, Gonak, Fluorescein, Lidocaine, ICG Solution, Atropine, Cyclopentolate and many more, to eye care equipment such eye charts, occluders, eye patches, medical gauze and eyewear accessories, all the way to handheld ophthalmoscopes and lid speculums, we can help all optometrists and ophthalmologists with their needs.


About our company: Stag Medical Supply has served optometrists and ophthalmologists since 2004. As a well-established but momentous leader in ophthalmic supply distribution, serving opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, eye surgeons and many other vision care professionals, Stag provides all eye professionals with a full spectrum eye care supplies to treat a variety of eye disorders.